Thursday, August 12, 2010

time for the new gran novato

i haven't made a new big rookie t-shirt in a while so i figured it was time...and i decided to appropriate a design and use it to my advantage or for my use...i am having a little trouble with it though. i'm not one to use my own image in anything, as i hate having my picture taken etc., but am trying to get past that here...i am wondering if it's kinda self serving or egotistical have this pic on a shirt...the other idea i had was to use a picture of me in a mask as well, like the el kartel shirt. i dunno.
(a huge thanks to cam who has been a big help with this baby....i'm sure i'm gonna drive him crazy with a few more delicate changes before it's over.)
fuck. it's just a t-shirt....

anyhow...just wondering.

g. xo


back to the drawing board....

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