Saturday, August 21, 2010

that is some cheap crap man....

we went to the night market.
in richmond.
the garbs had hoped to see the ultraman he saw there before.
it wasn't there.
so we left.

there were literally hundreds, no more like a couple thousand people there...and i couldn't figure out why. i had been to the night market in chinatown and it was just a whole lot of cheap knock-off crap. richmond was just a bigger version of a place with tons of plastic knock-off shit. we had to park a long way away, walk there, and then....walk back. it's kinda entertaining, but...

then we drove and got burgers - well, the garbs and i had burgers and mishi had soup and risotto - at re-fuel. i wanted the garbs to try the burger there because i think they make a great was a good dinner.

now. relax. sleep.

night night.

g. xo

they have socks...

and bowls of food that are actually piggy banks....

and people love it....

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