Sunday, August 21, 2011

tuckered out

my neighbours - whom i have seen exactly once...planted some sunflowers...i like how they peek over.

after waking up so early for a sunday morning, i am now a sleepy sort. i may also be extra sleepy after a dinner with the garbs at refuel - burgers will do that for sure.

it was a big day - cleaning at the garnyard, a little shopping, gardening, a nice visit with mishi at the pickle (where i may or may not of helped make a sale of some cufflinks...), lunch at the pickle, a bike ride to kits beach for a visit with shauna and her crew (claire, devon, john, hottie, jeremy, kerry...that i can name right now...) - it was a late birthday celebration for shauna, then back home for a clean-up and off to get the garbs for dinner...

action packed.
ok...a little relaxo now and then bed time...back to the salt mine tomorrow...

have fun

g. xo

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