Friday, August 26, 2011

island time

i managed to make the 7:30 ferry and am now holed-up in a hotel in parksville - any town with 'ville' in the name is ok by me. it's the world famous skyline hotel of course. i'm tired and need a good sleep before i head over to hornby tomorrow morning.

it was about halfway across the water that i realized i didn't put the new sticker on my license plate and at midnight tonight i won't have a valid plate on my car - even though i do have new insurance, it's just sitting on the floor of my element which is parked at my place in kits. oops. if i get pulled over i'm good but it'll take some 'splainin'.

the island is really just over here, so to speak, but it's really a world away and moreso as you head up island - the hairdo of the manager at the skylite is clear evidence of this fact. if there was a 70's version of madmen she'd be the joan on that show, just less buxom. slightly hee-haw with just a hint of 'get smart'. or something. the girl at the petro-can who was picking herself up a bottle of soda, who, as she walked by my car as i was filling it up said, with her head slightly tilted, "niiice caaarr", could have been mistaken for a more blonde suzi quatro minus the leather jacket. i love it. but i'm still a little weirded out by it.

i caught-up on my 'breaking bad' on the way over.

there was a huge dude with his shirt off sitting outside the room next to mine when i first arrived. he and his wife were outside taking in the highway 19A sights and having a few smokes each. i said hi and got a 'howdy' back. i like them already.
tomorrow i'll hoss-down a little of the continental breakfast and hit the road towards hornby island...along the way the sights and sounds of the island.
see you soon.

g. xo

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