Friday, August 26, 2011

don hoven - great set of hands, all-round good guy.

the other night i was putting in ailsa's new tap set and one of the nuts was seized so i needed a second set of hands to hold the top side while i wrestled, from below, with the nut to get the thing off and put the new one i called the only man for the job - and one that only lives two blocks for ailsa's place - don hoven - and went and grabbed him and went to her place to make shit happen.
he's a good man that don hoven. - very good friend of the garbs and when we needed a new guy at the shop, we wanted him. and he's been a great addition here to the BOC gang - just delinquent enough to fit in. always a smile on his face and willing to help out where he can...and laugh at you when you do something stupid...
anyhow...after we got the tap set in, we sat and had a beer and had a few laughs...good guy. good man.

i've been trying to get all the lawns done during the week after work or at lunch time because i'm thinking of going to hornby island tonight to see ailsa as she's up there right now for a couple of weeks with fiona on their annual vacation there. i think her parents are there right now too...i've never been there and feel like going on a little adventure so why not hornby? after work last night i raced to the dog lawn and cut as fast as i could while the sun went down...i was sweating like a freak. but got it done. i have a couple to do today, which i should be able to do, and then i can go sit in a chair and read a book on hornby island. and as i love ferries so much, i get to take three each way...
ok. busy day at the salt mine.

have fun.

g. xo

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