Tuesday, August 23, 2011

getting shit done - late night stealth syle

the other week i was installing a new GFI outlet in ailsa's bathroom and shorted out the plug. no biggie. (usually.) but this time it was. sort of. the breaker box wasn't tripped but the plug and another close by failed to work anymore. i looked at what i could but decided to let someone a little more knowledgeable look at it. enter scott. he came by ailsa's last staurday and had a look. we took off panels, tested breakers, etc.
nothing. everything seemed as it should be.
so yesterday another fx guy came to work for us - wray - and wray happens to be an electrical dude and i guess he and scott were talking and he told scott what he thought the problem was...and scott told me..and last night after work i went to ailsa's and like magic, it worked.
for those who care...
if you have several GFI outlets - usually in bathrooms, in your house, if one trips and won't reset, go check the other one(s) in your place as they may be tripped from the other and they're all, usually, ganged on the same cuircut and cancel each other when they trip. and that's why you don't see it at the breaker box.
ok. electrical lesson is over. for now.
i also installed a dimmer in fiona's bedroom yesterday as her chandelier, that i put up at xmas, is a little bright so now it can be dumbed down a little. and..then, it was time to do the new tap set in the kitchen. and since there was one nut that had/has rusted on to the shaft of the thingy, it will have to wait until tonight or tomorrow before i can fix it - i need another set of hands on the top side to hold the fixture as i lossen it from below.
a little late night contractor action.
busy today here in the old salt mine. soon, i think, i'm going to need a second driver as paul is being run ragged with all that has to be picked up in a day and donovan is getting great at running errands but i need him here as well. helpful little fella.
ok. back to it.

g. xo

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