Saturday, August 20, 2011

one for nine

if i was a baseball player i'd be sent to the minors or to winter ball in mexico to get a i drove around to see how 'my' lawns were doing but, due to the lack of rain, there wasn't a lot of grass growing this last few weeks. i cut one lawn in the west end and that was it. so i drove from kits, to the west end to the east side, dropped by the shop, up to main street area, then to richmond and then to dunbar. one lawn. i did stop in at que pasa for some lunch, which is always good but, not so much green. it's been like this the last few years in late july, early august and then by sept. it's wet lawns again and the end of the season in october it's boots and wool socks to cut and get it over with. i love it, cutting, but it can be frustrating.

ok. i need a snack.

g. xo

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