Sunday, August 28, 2011

hey ferry! wait for larry...

wouldn't be hornby without a facepainter.

actually it's not that it wouldn't or won't wait for larry, it's just that the ferry from hornby to denman island only takes 30 cars at a time and we were around 40th after the ferry at 1 p.m. left and then the 2 p.m. ferry was full also so we're now number eight i think...if it was raining or shitty out it would be a bummer, but dude, i'm totally on island time and just chillin' watching some episodes of breaking bad, walking around, and then more chillin'. i have some provisions so all good.
yesterday was jam packed with action here - the farmer's market, some beach action, fish and chip and ray's seaside fish and chips...this morning we had breakfast at gloria's, i think, and then a big walk around halliwell park and then a visit to the cardboard house bakery.
now. the ferry life begins again.
below. the last day or so in pictures.

g. xo

ailsa's house/cabin on hornby.

veggies at the market.

larry loves the ferry.

garvie buys some fruit and veggies for a woman that has such a short skirt on when she bent over....god lord - cover the kid's eyes.

gailan, i think her name is spelled...a friend of shauna's i kinda know. she makes and sells pottery on the island. her dad is a big deal potter.

larry loves hornby.

fiona loves cinn. buns.

the fish and chips were great but ok. always better when on vacation.

god's country.

doro and tom - ailsa's parents.

beach action.

arts and crafts.

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