Monday, August 08, 2011

kenny rides free, bombers eat and drink...

oh...what a night. i'm all fat and happy and full of pizza from incendio in gastown. new bomber brother donny is the head honcho of incendio and tonight gave some of his bomber brothers a flat rate charge on beer and pizza...good deal too. (thanks donnie!). not only can he give a wicked pass, he makes a mean pizza.

i'll be paying a bit tomorrow as i think i went over on the cheese action but it'll be ok...i hope.

before i headed down there with corie i managed to snap a pic of my co-worker kenny on his west coast chopper. i had heard tale of this bike and today got to see it for the first time. it's quite the machine. he built it a few years ago and for various reasons doesn't get it out that much. it's loud, just flashy enough and has no shocks or suspension. you gotta wanna. go kenny!

ok. i need some sleep.

night night.

g. xo

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