Wednesday, August 10, 2011

hand in.

things i ordered today at my job.

-50 x 5/8" x 2 1/2" flathead allen head cap screws
-10 double burton swivel clamps
-a shit load of steel
-two syphon draw paint guns for our wax guns
-flat black latex paint
-lacquer thinner
-batteries of all sorts
-punch lock clamps
-hydraulic hose
-6k worth of brass fittings
-slap shot degreaser
-1000' of wire rope
-a dozen ethical bean donuts for the boys

and much more.

the other night on my way home from cutting i stopped in at whole paycheque to get some goods for my morning smoothies - love that shit - and noticed that they had stuff there from Butter bakery up on dunbar st. i had heard of this joint as the garbs had told me that oprah gets there cookies brought in by the i decided i had to try one of the oreo-type cookies they make. good fucking god. i never need to eat one of those ever again. after the first bite i knew i had to eat it all to get rid of it - i do that instead of eating a little, putting it away, and then eating the rest later...i need it gone. and shit, you can feel your heart seizing up and clogging as you eat it. kinda delicious but really kinda two much. one cookie really is good for four or five folks.

look at this fucking toaster! i want it...i love it.

and this espresso machine! years ago i would have wanted it, now i just like looking at it.

i've settled in and am trying 'breaking bad' again. mishi had asked me if i was watching the new season but intially i couldn't get past the first three episodes of season now i'm trying. i'm halfway through season two...still not convinced. we'll see.



Anonymous said...

You continue to entertain... I actually miss it when you don't post for a while! Thx for the smiles.

Anonymous said...

...oh - and I dragged my buddy to El Taqueria, on your advice, and it was good. Not as good as Dona Cata's, but good, none the less. The crowd kinda freaked me out - I like to eat my tacos in peace, you know? Going again this weekend. We'll see how round two goes...