Monday, August 08, 2011

trains, planes and hamish

hamish, a good lookin' fella i work with in the salt mines, invited a bunch of us - actually a whole lot of people, to his family's property over on bowen island sunday afternoon, to witness the running of the 1/7th, i think, scale locomotives, men with such an obsession, bring to his place to run on the track his uncle made over his years there. it's amazing.
hamish's uncle made a train track that runs around their property that had tresles, a tunnel, a work area, turnarounds, etc. and to see all the old timers in their conductor's hats and overalls is awesome. kids running around, people eating hot dogs and hamburgers, drinking sugary beverages..relaxing. nice. i don't, as some of you know, relax well, but did manage to sit still for a bit yesterday. i also, do swim, at least in front of other people, and did yesterday, kind of, in a pool they have on their property.
the property belonged to his grandfather and some other relatives and has been passed down through the generations and has, i believe, six houses on it all belonging to different family members. his other cousins have a lot next door that also has several small houses on it - his cousins are part of the roger's sugar gang (the mcgeers) who i know through the music scene and they are also friends of the shums - brent and mina. it's all kinda confusing but the land is amazing and i swam.
garvie and i took my motorcycle over as did sonja and andrew. not my bike but his. dan and muzda took the water taxi and joel and his family - joyce and kids cole and indiana - took their camper and stayed over the night before. (though i think they actually stayed in one of the homes there.)
you really should come next're invited.

g. xo


the kids love the train.

hamish and his daughter katie.

joel telling a 'short' story.

dan and muzda getting the low down on trains.

more kids on the train.

feeding it the coal it needs.

andrew and sonja love the train.

garvie laughs at joel.

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