Monday, June 06, 2011

yard sales, picnics and cheap snacks.

the annual manhattan yard sale was yesterday and i helped lighten my load here at the garnyard by taking some old t-shirts down there to sell or at least never have come back in my house. in the end i think they're going to some homeless folks so i'm all good with that...there was a woman selling home made caramel corn so i bought a bag and had to give it to garvie to take home because i would have eaten the whole bag and then been out to try and find the woman who made so i could get more...holy crap.

so backing up, i bought the corn for a picnic fiona, ailsa and i went on was a short affair - as i had bomber hockey later on - but it was good to get out, throw the ball around, eat some blanket made snacks and throw the frisbee...and eat some caramel corn.

this morning mishi and i made our way south of the border to do some shopping and eating in a little something for fiona's birthday next weekend, a few bags of goods from trader joe's - sorry cam and jess they were out of the 'higher power' hot dogs.., had a burrito and quesadilla at casa que pasa...and was good...i'm still full from my lunch... a little tune-up, chiro and lawns tomorrow...

have fun.

g. xo

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