Sunday, June 19, 2011

ribs? sure...tacos? sure...corn on the cob? sure...salmon? sure...

a few weeks ago, maybe more, my pal lena e.mailed me to let me know she was gonna be in town and wanted to know if i wanted to hang out? well...yes...of about i grill up some goods and invite a few fine folks over for a bbq...last year it was just megan, lena and me but this year ailsa, the garbs, mishi, donovan and 'he who can not be named on the blog' will be here to help hoss-down some garnyard bbq action. (pics to follow tomorrow...)
speaking of burger/bbq action...corie sent me a picture today of his lunch. a lunch in spain. a mini burger with banana chips...looks great but i think he and katherine will need to eat three or four each...he and katherine are roaming the spain and (some of) the french countryside looking for art and good food...i know they'll find both. have fun.

ok. more food to prepare.

g. xo

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