Wednesday, June 29, 2011


i came home tonight and thought i'd a little gardening and pruning - i'd been feeling kinda shitty today and then my lunch made me feel worse so i just wanted to be close to home after the first day of work on the new action...and then, as i was about to cut off a bit of one of my japanese willows...actually, as i cut it i took off part of my left index finger. a small chunk, kinda like the tip but enough that there was actual flesh removed...ouch! and that fucker wouldn't stop bleeding - and i then discovered that i had or have no band-aids in my house. so i wrapped my finger-up in toilet paper - good choice (it's not like it would stick to the wound or anything.... - and went next door to ask catherine if she had some and if she could help. she was a super trooper and before long - and her asking me if i should go to the hospital and get the piece put back on. nope. it'll be fine. i feel badly that i drained so much blood in her sink - thing just would not stop..
anyhow. all good now except for the throbbing.

ok. time to relax and pretend it doesn't hurt.

g. xo

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