Saturday, June 04, 2011

day pass

i had a breakfast style dinner last it! homemade chili on toast with eggs and bacon and avacado with salsa. call the doctor.

yesterday was my first real day off - though i did have some trips to the office to make some arrangements, return a couple of things and had out a few nixon shirts - and it was a time to start getting shit done.
i had a new set of rubber for larry so i took him to kal-tire and had them make things right in that regard...i know he's happier now - not that the tires i had one him were bad but these will make it so i don't have to do this drill again for many years.
i have made myself a list of things i just couldn't seem to get done while i was working so...i have rico coming to clean my couch and chair wed. at noon, chiro at 1 tuesday, going to bellingham with mishi monday (though she did mention that we should go tuesday because of the hockey game but it makes no difference to me so it's up to her...), the guys are coming to look at my fucked up geo-thermal pump thursday...i love knocking stuff off...including having lunch with the garbs at propellor yesterday...

oh..and i'm sending a nixon shirt to clint eastwood. seriously. i love that he'll be wearing a lawn order shirt.
ok...i'm off to cut some grass...(the garbs made a guest appearance yesterday on the lawn cutting scene....i was happy to have him there. thanks garbs!)

g. xo

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