Saturday, June 25, 2011

stop and go.

the rain stopped and i made a run for it and managed to get five lawns done yesterday before i packed it flash - this summer is weird. my garden may only be good for the winter lovin' veggies - i pulled out some chard last night and cooked it up and it was delicious with the osso bocco i was given by one of my lawn clients (working for food is awesome..). but my pot and veggies aren't doing so well. i'm still hoping but i'll need some help from the sun at some point.
i still have a few lawns that need some love but it'll be fine and they all understand...i hope. i may try and get some done after my hockey game today or maybe wait until tomorrow.
crime update: issy found her hose. some workers had been doing some work (duh) at her place and had used it and put it around the back of the house and didn't tell now she has four fifty ft. lengths. in other crime news, don bull had his hose stolen. maybe he and issy can work something out if he hasn't already bought a new one.
last night 'he who can not be named on the blog' and i went by a little function, down at alberta and fifth, that had four of the new local food trucks at it. he was just hungry and wanted a taco from tacofino and they were was an odd little art/skate event and was more of a squamish/tofino hippie fest - though the windmill dancing hadn't started when we were there. he ate his tacos and we split. we were in larry so we went the long way back to his place where i dropped him off.
ok. i need to clean this house. and more coffee. and a smoothie.

g. xo

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