Monday, June 13, 2011

taking my talents to south beach...or dallas.`

i love it. the main problem with the NBA is, well there are many (the fact that it's boring most of the time may actually be the worst thing but...), that the players are picking the teams, like in the schoolyard. lebron and his pals decided they wanted to all play for the miami heat and they made a show of it. they even had a pep rally and said they wouldn't win one championship, and that they wouldn't win two, or three championships...etc...well, it's true, they didn't win one. dirk did. and i think it's great. cleveland is happy and so am i.
as for tonight's game six in boston - do i care? well, i guess so, but less so now that dirk beat lebron - i know, different sport but so fuckin' great. here's what i think - and i said this to bullski earlier today. the home team has won every game so far and i don't think that can continue. in my head i think the canucks will win tonight, in my heart i don't want them to...but not for the usual reasons - i think a game seven would be so much better. better for the canucks' fans, better for lucic if he could win it in front of his pals he grew-up with. while i am not a fan of the canucks, i do agree with 'he who can not be named on the blog' in that he thinks it's cool to have it in the city - the cup series. i agree. and while i think going down to watch the game at an empty sports area is weird, i salute the fans who go and do that. not for me but i was told today by mishi, that the money raised from the tickets to that game go to the canucks place, that's cool. i'm for that. and if you wanna sit outside with 40,000 people and watch a big screen, ok...fill your boots. i prefer to stay here and use my own bathroom. so i'm not on-board but i agree with 'h.w.c.n.b.n.o.t.b.' and see how it has galvanized a city - even if i do think most of the 'fans' i see are more interested in the beer than the hockey. and good, financially, for every restaurant and bar with a TV.
ok. i need to clean this place, it's a dump.

g. xo

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