Friday, June 10, 2011

marcy drops, the elephant finds a new home and i get a break...

simply a weird day.
marcy and i were suppose to have lunch today, and we did - eventually, but she called me last night and told me she had had a fall at work and had ended-up in burnaby general. huh? and she didn't know and still doesn't know what happened. one second she was at the flower auction walking along and the next thing she knew she was on the floor with a sore head and a bleeding finger. wtf? and because no one wants to get sued they took every precaution and took her to the hospital where her manfriend picked her up later on and took her home. so this morning i drove out there grabbed her this morning, we went to fort langley for a little snack and then to get her car which was still at her work. her new ride is elephant, my old element. and today was the plate switchover and well, the bolts broke off at the head and there was no way to get the bolts out to the BOC we went and i went to work...good times. in the end i had to drill out the old bolts and then re-tap the holes and it was done...then for good measure we gave it a wash and she was away...that car is great for her, i'm glad it went to a great home. her dog loves it too.
then it was time to cut a few lawns. i came home, changed and away i went. and i don't know if i've told you how hard it is to back-up my new trailer, but it's fuckin' hard. so small, short wheel base, etc...anyhow. today as i had to back out of a small parking lot, some dude had parked in a fucked way and made the exit even smaller than it was as i was backing out and looking good...wham! i hit my mirror on the parking ticket biggie. so after a few more turns i was away to the second lawn in point grey. where i discovered, as i got out, the big yellow smudge mark and dent from the cement pillar the parking ticket machine sits on. that's just low enough that you can't see it. nice.
then. time for lawn number three in the west end. what do you mean you can't turn left at davie off burrard...? huh? and, i did it. something i never do. turn left against a sign. and as turn, there he is. mr. police officer guy. waving me over. me and a few other guys. ok. whatever. i can't get mad about it. and as the police guy is coming closer to my car i reach to grab my wallet and i don't have it. i have no i.d. at all. nothing. and for some reason, i dunno...he let me go with just the no licence thingy and not the left turn thingy...a ticket that should have been three points and just over two hundred bucks and instead it's 57 bucks...nice.
i need a snack.

g. xo

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