Friday, June 24, 2011

get back here.

i had grand plans. well, maybe not grand but i had a plan...and now it'll all have to wait as we're going back to work wednesday - and the talk is that this thing'll take us up to the new year (which is great but holy cow..). i was going to go watch some baseball on the east coast - a quick trip - and then be ready to get back at year. all good. corie and katherine picked a good time to get outta dodge and see spain and parts of france.
i also set out during my break to get some shit that got put to the side for a long while and i'm happy about that - doctor appointments, dentist, car tune-up, new tires on larry, trader joe's run, fixed stuff around here, now i'll start a new list of things to do in feb. 2012.
i was out at issy's yesterday doing a few little things. i fixed her clothes line, actually i made her a new one using nice coated aircraft cable and a turnbuckle so she can make it tighter if she needs to, i also gave her a new hose as someone in her area stole hers....who the fuck steals a hose? a big thank-you to mike at fairview fittings for giving me a new hose to give to her...for all your hose and fitting needs - call mike. 604.294.4427
i was hoping to cut today but i think that may be a lost cause as the rain is hitting it hard on the north shore - the location of two lawns i need to get at - and it's getting pretty cloudy near my place as well, which fucks me for the lawns i have in this area. maybe i'll go see a few movies today instead and go for a ride on the bike in my gym instead...
ok. still could clear in the afternoon..

have a great friday...and weekend.

g. xo

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