Monday, April 18, 2011

where does our time go.

as i sit here watching the morning news i realize more and more why i hate the canucks - ok, hate's a strong word...nope, i hate them. but the fans they show on t.v., the ones in the bars drunk and, some, toothless, make me hate the fans more. most canuck fans i know are fine - able to have a normal conversation about hockey and the games and...but holy crap the idiots that drive up and down robson. them's a different sort...and for the record - i'm positive there are 'tards equal to them in chicago and detroit and....
and while the canucks look poised to sweep the 'hawks, canucks fans really need to remember that the team they're playing really are not the stanley cup champs. sure they have the same uniform, but over a 1/3 of last year's team are now gone. the 'hawks are just the 'hawks. we'll see what happens as they move on in the rounds. i still don't want them to win the cup, but honestly, care much less than i ever have if they do.
got out and cut a few lawns on the weekend - and i've got to say this time of year cutting grass isn't as much fun as it is in may and the rest of the summer and's cold, wet and ....but i still love it. i only cut five on the weekend and will do more next weekend and another thing i need to get used to is the new trailer. getting stuff in and out is interesting and i'm sure over time i'll figure it all out. i better.
yesterday one of the lawns i cut was the super pest's....i like going by there and cutting...there's almost more chatting than cutting. it's fact yesterday at two of the lawns i did, there was a lot of chat. it was like social lawn cutting. i probably could have cut two more lawns in the time that i shot the shit. fuck it. who cares?
ok. back to the salt mine this morning...
have a great monday.

g. xo

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