Saturday, April 30, 2011

and so saturday.

i always wake-up earlier than i want to on saturday mornings even if i stay up a little later, the night before, than usual. the light comes in - even with the blackout blinds mishi made me some comes in my bedroom door and once that happens it's all over. that and just being used to getting up before six every day makes it hard. and then on mornings like this one where i have six or seven lawns to get to i have to just sit and wait. wait until the folks in the west end or up on west fifth wake-up so i can get the engines started.
last night the garbs, corie, 'he who can not be named on the blog' and i ended up at topanga for some dinner. we don't find ourselves there as much as we used to, or at least i don't - for reasons to involved to get into here - but last night was good. a few drinks, bull and his pals - including the beautiful donna - were there eating as well....including his pal greg who i don't care for much - you can't love everyone - but it's very entertaining getting him worked up over the canucks - he's an insane kind of he may lose his shit at any point trying to get you to come to his way of thinking over the's good. i enjoy it. i tried to get him to make a bet with me last night but his wife put an end to it...(maybe he's not really the boss after all...) anyhow...good fun.
after corie headed home and we dropped off 'he who can not be named' at his place, the garbs and i ended-up at refuel so the garbs could have a marg and a dessert - gotta keep him fueled up.
this morning after my first lawn, and after my breakfast snack at the caper's on robson, i went down and saw k-win and got my hair chopped. and i mean short for spring. today it was all clippers. i think i'm a good number two cut with a little taper after. short. it's good. perfect keep my head cool lawn cutting cut. thanks k-win.
then it was off to more lawns and the burning of fossil fuels.

good times.

go nashville! (maybe...)

g. xo

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