Monday, April 11, 2011

talk with the animals...

i was thinking about it last year and i think this year i'm gonna do it - i'm gonna make myself a birdhouse. these are the exciting things i think about as a guy who owns a deck large enough to accommodate a small garden, a few chairs and, well, a birdhouse. i have been looking at a few - including one that has a solar panel and the stick a bird would rest on lights up at night and attracts bugs so the bird can sit inside and, like shooting fish in a barrel, pop its head out and nab bugs all night long. pretty cool. in the end i'll probably make myself one and be done with it. i may also put up a hummingbird feeder as those little buggers are fun to watch.
my life as a geezer is really coming into form.
speaking of geezer items - i bought the gary fisher basket bike on the weekend and rode it home...nice ride. i'm looking forward to gathering my goods on it as the weather gets better. though the garbs says if he ever sees me with a baguette in the basket he's going to shoot me. and i can not be seen wearing a Beret. pictures coming soon.
the bombers won the first round of the playoffs - or rather won our way through the first round - and are now waiting to see who we'll play in the second round. the cowboys - corie's other team and a team i sub on sometimes - didn't fair so well and are now looking for tee times. too bad.
garvie and i hit the woods on the weekend trucking through the forest in north vancouver for a few hours saturday. i took a few pics but they're on the home computer box...) now there's a nice, casual activity that can really produce a workout. for anyone - not just fat, outta shape guys like's very hard at points but at the end you're glad you did it.

ok. have a great monday.

g. xo

check out this page. there's a ton of birdhouse photos - i'm getting super stoked...and the best part is the guy includes some pics of himself...

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