Friday, April 22, 2011

bringing home the bacon

it was a day of getting shit done - woke up early, cleaned the house, took care of the dead plant action out on the deck (i hope to plant my herbs and tomatoes soon...), cut a few lawns and then went to the island to have a visit with mishi at the pickle...then i went for a ride with her to vanessa's and then rode up to capers to get some needed groceries...

my garden looks ready to go,...or grow...

i had had thoughts of a refuel burger throughout the day and was actually suppose to go for one yesterday with the garbs but cancelled the day before, but now that i had groceries i figured i would just go home. but, as i rode by refuel on my way, i caved-in and went in for the burger. so there i was sitting at the bar with two bags of groceries ta my feet. i sent a text to k-win telling her that rob had just made me a particularly good margarita and with that she said she'd be right down to have one for herself...and some fried chicken. it was a good night at refuel.

also today, cam and i took some photos for the new lawn order t-shirt - a very limited edition run of this one. actually, i took the pics and cam was my model. the pics don't make much sense now but will...soon. thanks cam!

ok. i'm sleepy....more lawns tomorrow.

g. xo

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