Thursday, April 28, 2011

a marriage made in england...

and only england - because i'm fairly sure we wouldn't put up with it. sure, the queen is paying for the costs directly associated with the wedding - the food, the drinks, etc...but the security - with numbers being quoted in the tens of millions...she's not fronting that tab. and, as noted on the news today, because they just had a stat holiday for easter, and will have another on monday for the royal wedding and then next week another - that i'm not sure of the reason, the british economy stands to lose, literally, billions of dollars because of the days off of work.
and come on...really? unless you're a young child who looks at this as a young girl becoming a princess....why would you care? care enough to fly to england, camp outside buckingham palace, pay big money to stay in a hotel, see two people get married? really?
it makes more sense to me that they're selling barf bags with the pictures of what's his name and what's her name on them...i'd like to have one of those.
the british royal family is so incredible outdated and why the british put up with it is beyond me and millions of others. and why we put out the carpet for them when they come to town is simply absurd.
ok. i've said my piece. i find it funny and laughable so maybe that's what it's for. our amusement. and i'm sure, because it'll be hard not to, i'll see clips of it here and there on t.v. and in the papers, but i will be sleeping soundly when it's on live and being beamed across the globe to billions of homes.
good luck to them as i'm sure they're nice folks,but the whole thing is retarded.

mind how you go.

g. xo

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