Monday, April 25, 2011

rough draft

my man cam and i have been working on a new lawn order shirt (he doing most of the work me doing a lot of pointing...)
why i want nixon on there is really unclear - even to me - but i do. i loved nixon as a kid. i watched his final speach on the t.v. in my grannie's living room in port alberni. i watched him say 'sock it to me' on laugh-in. i loved it when rich little would do his impersonation of nixon on his show, and i would try and mimic that impersonation.
anyhow. nixon, agnew, kissinger - all pretty good characters.
and now the new lawn order shirt will salute my man nixon.
just because.

the design above is a work in progress and will change but if you're thinking you'd like a nixon edition lawn order shirt or hoodie - let me know.

g. xo

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