Sunday, April 24, 2011

my main man ken...

...and his beard.
holy crap. i ran into ken diamond yesterday, he of the fancy leather goods, and while i had seen pictures of him with a beard, nothing prepared me for the greatness that is ken's facial hair. so incredibly impressive. sure, i can grow a bread too but to have the conviction to keep that baby going for a couple years. i salute him. when he lived in my old building i'd see him all the time but haven't, obviously, seen him for a while. i'm a fan of ken, he's a good one. he was out walking his dog, mona, when i ran into him as i was about to cut a lawn in the west end. nice pooch. nice guy.
after the lawn action yesterday i rode my new bike down to the island, where i visited with mishi and corie - who had also ridden his bike down there. after the pickle was shut we all rode downtown together - i had some banking to do and they had margaritas to make at mishi and the garbs'. i left them to the booze and headed to the bank and then over to whole foods to pick-up some sausages to grill up and some of these cheese buns they have there that are super duper.
then i rode up to black dog video - owned by bomber and all-round great guy darren gay - and rented 127 hours, i had heard great things about it but it fell a little short for me. good flick, it just didn't wow me.
this morning - which came at 6:30 am (again) - found me puttering and getting a few small things done - returning said video, mailing letters, washing my car, etc...and now i'm home thinking about lunch...
pretty exciting.

have a great sunday.

g. xo

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