Wednesday, April 13, 2011

hockey night in north van...

not tonight - well, in pest's case it is, as wilson (craig's son) - one of my favorite kids in the whole world - is hitting the ice tonight in north van...go wilson. but the bombers will take to the ice saturday night to play the van wonders in a second round grudge match. if we win - or when we win - we move onto a the finals tuesday night. 'ken rights!

both craig 'pest' northey and damon were decked out sweetly the other night at our second playoff game. the pest and damon gave us pointers during the game that helped us come out on top. both would have rather been on the ice but injuries prevented either from suiting up.
tonight the hapless vancouver canucks take on the defending stanley cup champs, the chicago blackhawks. and while the hawks are half the team - literally - that they were last year i still hold out hope that they can beat the canucks like rented mules. i wanna see greasy roberto sprawled out like a drunk snow angle on the ice as kane circles him leaving his jock wrapped around his head.
or the canucks could win.
we'll see. i sure hope not.

have fun...i'm off to see mellencamp. i'm not kidding.

g. xo

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