Saturday, December 04, 2010

2401...sounds like tacos to me.

yup. i just saw that this is post number 2401, pretty cool....or something. and why not start off a new hundred posts with some tacos in mexico city?

after my wicked bus ride from oaxaca - which was some super awesome action - i hoped in a taxi and headed for the hotel ricardo set me up with when i was here last month. ricardo's trying to negotiate a decent deal for me but even if it's the rate i negotiated i'm cool with it - i never stay in hotels so it's kind of a treat. and for the first time in a month i'll sleep in a real bed and have a real shower in the morning. neat!
after a little relax here i headed over to ricardo's shop, headquarter, and saw eric and chatted with him for a bit. ricardo had told me he'd be there at 6 pm and that tonight we should eat some tacos - and i was all for that. problem was i forgot where i was and that 6 pm wasn't when we were gonna eat. not even and when ricardo showed up at 7 pm - get the idea?

it was great to see him and shoot the shit and catch-up as we didn't have much time last time to really have a relaxed talk. we hung out at the shop and i was introduced to his friend perseo - pronounced per-say-oh - a great guy who runs the skate shop below headquarters. fast is, you have to walk through his shop - destructible - to get to headquarter upstairs. perseo, upon hearing i had a few kaws pieces, pulled out a cardboard tube that housed a kaws ad disruption piece that a friend had given him. pretty cool. i had never seen one in person so it was cool to see. he also had a couple other pieces that were killers - one that's pictured below...and an interesting story that goes along with it (see the hyperlink next to the picture...or under..or...)

i also met a guy, a very intense guy, with a small dog dressed somewhat like a french sailor, who is a photographer of some note - at least locally. his works are, um, scary and interesting and not for the weak of heart. really. so - note to issy...maybe skip this but they are interesting...and so is he. apparently, and i've seen the pictures to prove it, antonio ruiz belongs to a pain cult or club of some sort because he likes pain...and i mean, who doesn't right...? and one day decided to cut off one of his fingers. and after he had cut off his finger - or least attempted to - he went to the doctor and told him to finish the job for him. the doctor said no and said he had to fix it for him but antonio would have none of that and left, went around the corner, finished the job himself and then went back to the doctor to get it sewn up...can you say 'good times'?

after we shut down the store, perseo, ricardo and i headed over to their favorite taqueria ate like champs. and good god it was a wonderful thing...i can't even tell you how great it was, for a number of reasons. sure, i've had a lot of tacos in my time - here, all over california, arizona, vancouver but, here, at night, with ricardo and perseo made it just that much better..oh, and they tasted awesome...all of them. i'm so full right now...and ready for bed...perfect.

tomorrow i'm gonna go to the zocalo and then hook-up with ricardo later in the day/night/whenever.

have fun.

g. xo

some shots fro perseo's store...

a guy showed-up with some cool pooches...

this is another piece perseo had in his shop. it's by scott campbell. he recently had a show open in mexico city - he's from nyc i believe - and it went well on one hand and on the ither...not so should read this...after you read it you'll understand why the piece below looks like it may have been in a fire...or something....

this is the kaws ad disruption piece he has as well...the link i have shown is just to show another example...

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