Tuesday, September 27, 2011

why we work, do what we do, get up early...

i was talking to one of my suppliers today, mick at ACT Equipment, great guy and when i was talking to him i could feel the tiredness in his voice and asked him if he was having a bad day...he said yes. i asked him, "why do we work mick. why do we come to work, get up early...?"
"because we're not rich garnet."
now i know.
when does that daylight savings thing kick in? because that's always good for a laugh this time of year. the darkness is a sure savings for sure. go to work when it's dark, drive home in the dark. so awesome.
the lawns are coming to a close and it will mark the end of the seventh season of lawn order very soon. and it's now that i'm ready for it to be over, and really, only because it becomes hard to cut, the lack of light at the end of the day, the rain on the weekends - when i have to get all the cuts done, the wet boots and shoes, less sun to burn my neck. all that. still love it and will be back next year - though i am breaking up with at least one client (they don't know yet but i am...) breaking up is hard to do, even with people who pay you cash to come to their place and manage their shitty 'lawn'.
not bitter.
and so it goes. today.
have you heard the new Girls album - father, son and holy ghost? get on it. sappy songs for the young at heart and the freshly dumped. maybe i should sent it to my lawn order client i'm trying to break up with...

g. xo

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