Tuesday, September 13, 2011

switching teams

i have mentioned this before but i will, again, now because i think you should know...
tania campfield, my mortgage broker, rocks!
she watches what's going on and when the time is right - strikes. and what i mean by this is this...she called me the other day and told me if i moved my mortgage to XXX from YYY i'd not only get a lower rate than i have now - this is on my kits place - but even with the penalty for leaving the other bank early, and the other associated costs, i would walk away with a nice little 'thank-you for coming over to our bank' bonus cheque to spend how i see fit...pretty good.
if you ever need a great mortgage broker give her a call...her number is 604.376.4997 and if you're into the e.mail like the kids are these days:

just sayin'...it may be very worth your while.


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