Monday, September 05, 2011

by the numbers

we crossed the border around 7 a.m. sunday morning and only had a five minute, at most, wait so our day started out pretty well...sure it took us nearly three hours to get back across to canada but in the meantime...
we were the first in the store at target outside of bellingham and that made things great as we were going to go there anyways so getting it out of the way early was a bonus...then it was off to seattle - we'd hit bellingham on the way back. we rolled into seattle just before ten, i think and headed to get some coffee at stumptown - where i finally caved and bought one of their big glass jars full of beans just because i love the jar - though i am a huge fan of their coffee so really it's win-win. later on mishi got some ground coffee to go so she and the garbs would have fuel for a while.

the it was downtown to scope out the nike store - where i bought some age inappropriate shoes but was told by the salesman that they weren't, they were just cool...good sales dude....after a few more stops there we headed to a part of town we'd not really meant to go to - south seattle, sort of, and discovered a few mexican deli's, one that was half chinese food market - like T & T market, and the other half mexican goodies...weird. they even had a little mexican taqueria in the back that scared me a little. we were outta there fairly fast after picking up some pato hot sauce.

a antique joint was next - mishi always being on the hunt for old dress patterns that she's now turning into wallets and passport holders - you should go see them at the pickle...pretty cool.

the it was lunch off to bimbo's bitchin' burrito kitchen in capitol hill...i like that joint. good food, fast, great decor, tasty lemonade, good margs, good stuff. i had mentioned on the way up there that i needed to get gas and would after lunch.

i didn't.
and off to fremont we went. with even less gas than before.
we trucked around freemont for a while and then decided to go to bellingham and finish what we started.
still no stop for gas.
it was there, along the i-5 just before marysville, that i felt the car stop doing what it should be doing. and i began to just drift, engine stopped, in neutral, seeing how far i could get...oh, and i was in the fast lane and i couldn't get over to the side of the road i needed/wanted to be on. four lanes of heavy traffic stopped that thought.
i was calm. surprisingly calm. mishi spotted a gas station over yonder and i just had to figure out how to get there. i told mishi just to hang tight and i would be right back. i hoped over the median, because the gas station was on the other side of the road, how to get there still a mystery. and then, i waited for my chance to run across the four lanes of heavy traffic and then, hopefully, my way to the other side and then figure out the rest.
and there it was, the break and i made a run for it. i'm sure it looked bad and dangerous...but it was fine.
then i had to climb down a steep embankment, through brush, to another fence that i had to walk along until there was a low point and i hoped over and walked over to the gas station - where there were a few cops interrogating a couple of girls who seemed slightly drunk...nice.
and then, after filling the gas can i had to buy, i made the return trip, over the railing, up the embankment, and then, as mishi had her camera trained on me, make a run for it across the traffic again, this time holding the gas can, and not get killed.
all good. and once filled with our expensive gallon of gas we were away again. to bellingham to hit trader joe's and la gloria mercado.
all in all a great fun day...except for running out of gas and waiting in line for three hours to get back, but even in the end - after a slight meltdown by me for five minutes or so, that wasn't even so bad...and since we had gone to trader joe's i got to have a weird dinner...i had some beef jerky, followed by a trader joe's all-fruit popscicle, some graham wafers and some mango/orange juice. good stuff.

more good times...

g. xo

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