Thursday, September 22, 2011

chance of showers

it's raining.
don't let anyone tell you any differently. it's wet and for the next, many, moths it will be so. sure, there will be breaks here and there, maybe, but throw away your bikini and board shorts and get a big piece of rubber for a raincoat. and, as i was telling erin - art dept. head honcho, today, we, as a province, reply on the rain to help with certain industries so, a little rain is good for us. kind of. even though it fuckin' sucks.
last night i whipped out to T-town to have dinner with issy at brown's social house, a place that's not so bad, and invited my good pal dave to join us there - dave and i went to high school together and i don't see him nearly enough. he and i played rugby together in high school and later on hockey on various teams but now don't play on the same teams so...less hockey time for me and dave. he also bought an apartment across the hall from me in kits years ago and was a great neighbour. the boys from snfu nicknamed him kramer as he was always at my place - borrowing things, eating, hanging out... good guy. perhaps the only guy i went to high school with that i ever see...i think. anyhow. nice to have dinner with issy and him.
a little pick up hockey tonight, love it, with the bombers and some others. a little late fr the old guy but good for me...
ok. back to it.

have fun.

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