Saturday, September 10, 2011

saturday ice time, lawns and a weird lookin' mascot.

TD bank was giving out free ice cream today at the rink...corie was in for that.

it was a barn burner at work this week...they've been filming in chicago and will be coming to town in approx. ten days to start here and we've got a lot to do to be ready for the first days of filming here. i have been spending money at a rapid rate and now have two drivers working for me/us that i am keeping busy all day. friday night after work i was ready to cut a few lawns to help get rid of some of the week's action that was still in my head. two friday and night and three more today...

they had a mascot that we couldn't figure out...what the fuck is it suppose to be...?

i got going early today so that i could get the lawns done before our cowboy's hockey game at 12:15 pm...i was in richmond by 8:30 a.m. and done by the time i time i picked up corie at 11:45 a.m., after a hockey game that we won 4-1, i can relaxo and meet-up with ailsa and fiona for a nice dinner out. the heat has really played with me and the lawns, one lawn just needed the dandelions knocked down - no mower action, another just needed the back yard done, and the last needed the full pull. corie's was a no-go so i'll go by and cut it during the week.
now...a nice smoothie for lunch, picked more tomatoes and am gonna do a little house cleaning to end it all as far as work goes today...

go have fun. i need some shade right now but you should go see the sun - it'l be gone soon.

g. xo

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