Saturday, September 03, 2011

like champs

the burgers at refuel didn't have a chance.

the garbs and i went to refuel last night and ate like prize fighting champs! they are making new versions of their burger and we're trying them all - the animal style - after the in-n-out burger version 'animal style', the big mac, the dirty burger and the dirty animal or filthy animal..we've tried them all...they really do make a great burger - but i know i've said that before.
today it was lawn action all over town, some clean-up at ailsa's and some various errands to make life a little tidier. the tomatoes on the deck are petering out but still fill a bowl each morning - of which i have been taking the cherry ones to work each day or so for the boys. the larger are gonna be made into ketchup very soon. the maryjane has shown signs of budding but nothing concrete to show you very soon.
tonight i had dinner with tammy and dez at topanga - where i haven't been for a long time...tammy who is now in school for massage therapy and who pulls less shifts now at jj bean so i rarely see her...i hope she's getting good grades. it was great to see her...she opens the coffee shop tomorrow so i may go by on our way to washington and get a shot of something.
tomorrow morning, super duper early, mishi and i are heading south of the border to hit trader joe's, eat some mexican food, buy crap and come on home. it seems like the thing to do. so we're gonna.

have a great sunday!

g. xo

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