Sunday, September 25, 2011

Who said rain?

I'll tell you, it's raining like a weathergirls album right now. And I'm here at the pickle holding down the fort and, shortly after I got here today, making sales. Mr. Pickle strikes again. I made a few yesterday as well. Nice action.
Yesterday was a barnburner. Three lawns cut by 11:30 am, at the pickle by 12:45 pm after picking up Fiona from her art class-she hung out with me at the pickle and made her mom a little treat out of some silver we had hanging around, then home to get my hockey gear to go defend the bombers honor against the tigers... 10-1 final for us in the end. Sure it was a blow out but I like to use those games to practice things you can't in tighter games...then off to garvie's for a late dinner and laughs with her pals Alan and Elaine.. Good ones.
Then bed. Happily.
Now a little more pickle then out to ailsa's parents for some dinner before my hockey game tonight with Corie and the cowboys.
I feel tired already.

g. xo

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