Monday, September 20, 2010

rage against the (new) machine

that was a weekend for sure...lawns, hockey, bbq, movie, laundromat, etc...
i bought a new trimmer - weed eater - on friday and gave it a test run on the weekend...what a fuckin' disaster. it made me hate the guy who stole mine last saturday even more...fucker. and while i bought a super duper pro. model shindiawa, it's a learning curve to be sure. i have always used a bent shaft machine - pardon? and this new one is a straight shaft and it's messing with my brain. i'll get it eventually, but as i told corie in a fit of rage and over-worked sweatiness - it's hard learning a new tool while cutting people's lawns for money...they don't expect me to be using their lawns as outdoor classrooms...lots of swearing, more learning. it'll be fine...just not yet.
cracked my head on the ice during our bombers win saturday night. it hurt. i had my feet taken out from under me and the next thing i knew my back hit the ground, then my elbow and then, finally, my head snapped back and hit the ice...good times. all's well now - well, some soreness to be sure but i can work and cut some grass yesterday so it's not so bad, but the muscles in my neck hurt today and the elbow is fuckin' sore when i touch in on anything...but, as i saw this morning, i wasn't the only one to get dinged on the weekend. corie has a pretty decent wipe out while running with some sandwiches in hand near meinhardt. (hopefully some pics soon...) oh, and i also walked into a trailer hitch on the back of a pathfinder on sunday - shin first. that smarts.
garvie and i had a great weekend, after all my falls and scrapes. went and saw 'the american' staring teen heart throb george clooney sunday afternoon... was it good? um, maybe. i think so. sure. then we had a little rainy day bbq action at the house doing up some salmon fillets and a great beet salad thingy. nice relaxing sunday night.
my pal tammy, who lives not far from my dad over in victoria/sannich, is now the proud owner of the lawn order hoodie i had on her last week...nice to see her smiling face and the lawn order hoodie making its way to her...wear it with pride!

ok. back at it.

g. xo

tammy and her new hoodie!

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