Sunday, September 05, 2010

ambleside action

yesterday afternoon ailsa, fiona and i hopped in larry and drove over to ambleside to have a little beach blanket bingo. we ate like champs, they made a sand castle - i watched - and we had a little relax in the sun. fiona went non-stop and was pretty tuckered out by the end of was i. it's hard doing nothing. i don't relax well but did pretty well yesterday. after the beach we headed over to ambleside brewing to see blair and ji - fiona was not impressed by the smell of mash and barley...then we dropped by savary island pie company and grabbed some pie for after dinner.
nice day....
lawns today and some errand action...oh, and i picked 18 more tomatoes bring it up to a sunday total of 101 deck tomatoes.

have fun....

g. xo

fiona and ailsa get working on a sand castle.

nice work.

some of the snack action.

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