Wednesday, September 01, 2010

out like a lion, in like a lamb

welcome to september. really. welcome.
we could have had one of the driest august's on record but because of the 56 mm of rain yesterday, it was one of the wettest. blame it all on one day.
september holds the end of this current show we're on - one that saw our man don-hoven come on board for a little here and there. the boys like him so, hopefully, after this show, he'll be back. him and his maniacal laugh.
august's hold on the growth of lawns has been released, hopefully - again with the hope - and i'll get back at some grass i have been letting do it thing in the sun. september has always been a time to get back at lawns let go but this last august was the worst august in lawn order's six year history. i loved the sun but my lawns hated it.
speaking of hope, i'm trying to have some...i'll stop now because i always get accused of being i believe in faith. and karma. and other such things but god, not so much god - he has alluded me. i'm playing the agnostic card for now - until i'm in a boat taking on water in the middle of the ocean and then...
i just had a thought and then the phone rang and now it's gone...
anyways...oh, i know...there may be a lawn order hoodie in blue available's size small...the original front design with the dude on the back with the three wheeled lawn mower. hold tight i'll let ya know.
i'm tired. my brain hurts a little and i need to just relax...

i love you.

g. xo

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