Wednesday, September 08, 2010

heads-up...old school lawn order re-print.

ok. so i opened a whole can of worms and now am thinking of re-printing the original lawn order shirt - the one with the man on the back cutting with a three-wheeled lawn mower. the original with the slogan mishi came up with on the back, 'stealing jobs from kids since 2005'.

if i do this it will be in the next week or so. the shirts will be men's cuts - i'm sorry but it's hard to deal with the mix of men's and women's when i do short runs...they're gonna be 12 bux each. hoodies could be done as well but contact me and we can talk about it. if you want one..or two...

dan sports the new style

craig sports the rare kelly green number...not the green the new reprint will be...lighter.

g. xo

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