Saturday, September 25, 2010

last days and pianos to the bible belt

a couple things are coming to an end in the next few days - the show we're currently working on and the tomatoes that have been growing on my deck the last few (many) months...
yup. the show - unnamed here - is a goner and all the film is in the box and it's all up to the editors now and we'll be expecting our invites to the crew screening and the oscars very soon. i think i'm outta there wed. of next week and then it's just the death throws of lawn order for the year and then....i dunno. i was thinking, as some of you may know, of going to mexico to take some intensive spanish lessons but am now rethinking that as...well, i just am and may be staying put. (i'm not happy about it, honestly, but life is what it is and sometimes that's that...) i may still go but....
the tomato plants met their end this morning and really, they owed me nothing. i got a great harvest and even as i write this am making more sauce to freeze and eat at a later date. garvie brought over some sauce she had made from some of my stock and it was great. while the count got muddled, as my neighbours grabbed a few from me, i grew over two hundred usable tomatoes and i think that's pretty great.
last night after work andrew and i went over to ailsa's ex's and picked-up a piano that she wanted moved as the place has been sold and the piano needed a new home...and it found one in abbotsford. andrew helped me load it on the cube van - thanks andrew - and then i went and got the garbs and we made the trek out to the bible belt to unload a piano. i think the worst park was seeing the garbs - all six foot six inches of him, crammed in the front seat of the cube van...he's a trooper.
it's a funny place, abbotsford, and i can't get into all that now, but it's kinda funny scary, funny religious, funny....not ha ha....
we ate dinner at me and ed's pizza, got dipped cones afterwards at dairy queen, and then hit the road
so a big thanks to the garbs and andrew and paul for lending me him cube van for a quick run...nice guys. good men.

ok. i have to finish this sauce and get to cutting grass....

g. xo

pics from the end.

the last harvest.

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