Thursday, September 02, 2010

over and out.

so yesterday was a bit of a shiteater but today started off much better....and then...i decided to go for lunch to la taqueria.
it's over.
well, for lunch anyways. the joint has become a victim of its own success - which is a good and bad thing. good for them, bad for me. i can no longer go there on a work day and have lunch. this bums me out. it's just too busy there now. and like i said, good for them. so today i ended-up having an over-priced reuben sandwich instead. i won't say where because some good pals love it and i don't want to bring neg. press to a place well loved by others i love. good sandwich. too much money for it.
oh well.
and now, as a guy who rarely ever gets called to set to work anymore..well, tomorrow now i may have to. tomorrow, the one day in probably the last three shows where i was about to ask to leave early so i could go to a birthday party with garvie. fuck.
this afternoon is a bummer...

g. xo

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