Thursday, September 30, 2010

bombers best dressed list, donuts a-plenty and more last days ahead.

last night after our game, a spirited affair that saw neither team play very well but we did well enough to win, we took our team pic for the year...good fun...we have spanking new sweaters/jerseys that are quite nice and wanted to show them off to the folks who are responsible for us having them - park place dental (for all your dental needs...) great bunch of guys, even better looking in our gear.

i mentioned a while back that ethical bean - very close to the shop - had bought a donut machine and were trying their hand at making a good product to sell there..well, that time has arrived. they hired a woman who has some degree of baking experience and she's turning out some fine death/fat bombs...a cake donut for those who care about such things...go there, have one. it's not gonna kill ya. well, not today.
today is my last day on the film i've been working on for the last four months or so...we just had a nice lunch down at me and julio's and i'm about ready to pack it in. it was a tough show, for everyone and i think we're all happy we made it through without killing each other. sure, there were arguments, pissing contests and such but. like any family, in the end we're all still here and have each others best interests in mind...until the next one when we want to kill each other once again at some point.
tomorrow's october and sees the last month of the lawn cutting season upon me once again. it has been a weird lawn order year, the hot weather killed me and the lawns with not much cutting for almost a month at one point. but i still had a great time cutting and will, still, for another month. so, if you need a final cut call me, if you owe me for cuts, pay me, if you just wanna say hi, call me.
have fun.

g. xo

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Awesome musical tip garn. love them.
thank you for being my music guru--