Monday, July 21, 2008

we went to vera's and met vera...

...not that vera.
so there we were, last night, having dinner at vera's after dropping off stella when i noticed a woman getting, or trying to get, directions from a guy next to us...she was clearly lost and the guy, bless his heart, was a little confused and really, just wanted to get his burger and go...which he i stepped in and after writing down the directions to the airport (which wasn't really where she wanted to go really...) it became even more clear that if i (and really if 'we' since shauna was now being implicated in this) really wanted to help we'd take her there ourselves...sort of. so we told her, as her husband, patrick, sat outside in their rent-a-motorhome, that after we ate our burgers, we'd show them how to get there....'there' was actually the IKEA in richmond.
so with burgers done we hopped in the elephant and made our way to the IKEA with them, vera and patrick, in close and hot pursuit.
turns out vera and patrick are celebrating their 4oth wedding anniversary by coming to canada from ireland and renting a motorhome and seeing what's what. they flew to toronto, then to calgary - where they picked-up the crusing vessel and then it was off to lake louise, banf, and finally hope where they left from today at 5 p.m....and then things went south...or actually, north. somehow while trying to get to richmond, they ended-up heading towards whistler...oops. and then somehow made their way to vera's on cornwall...where they met us....we made things right.
so we dropped 'em off at IKEA and made our way home feelin' pretty good. i still had a sore back and such, but .....
ok...enough of that...i'll give the doctor report later....


g. xo

my man patrick murphy

shauna and vera murphy.

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