Thursday, July 03, 2008

the garbs takes the wheel....

i called the garbs today and asked him if he could give me a ride to the shop because he had today off from the pickle...he really is a big part of lawn order and hasn't been out in a while but i thought we could ease him back into the driving game by having him help me with a couple of things - he hasn't driven in years - and then as he feels better and more comfortable he can take the weight off of ang as she drives all the time.
we went to the shop, where i had to fix one of my mowers - from my vast fleet - and then put all the jingus back into the elephant - the lawn order shitola, and have it ready to cut on friday....but then we decided to cut one or two today...and one or two turned into six...we kicked ass garbs style...and he drove like a champ.
then it was off to topanga where we ate like champs.

ok...time to relax....

night night s. xo

g. xo

the face of brain freeze at topanga...

garbs and kristina (she lives next door to lisa) she's a very nice woman who is, apparently, a great baker - we've yet to find this fact out...i cut her section of lawn next to lisa's place and sometimes she slips me a twenty...nice. her dog's name is kojak.

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