Wednesday, July 11, 2012


well, i made it through tennis without injuring myself....barely. pretty good fun but it's a workout even if we were just rallying back and forth - a lot of the time either hitting the net with the ball or launching the ball into next week. ailsa made me run for it more often than not - which i guess is the point. and man, i do not have a backhand in this game - i remembered being a little better than i was...i think i last played with the garbs and mishi a couple years ago and before that probably twenty years, at least.
good times. then we went for well deserved tacos for dinner. pretty, pretty, pretty, good.
made my morning appearance at corie and katherine's to water the veggies and plants - it's become my morning routine this week and will continue until they come home (i should really find out when that is...) i get there and start watering and before i know it, i'm late for work - i find it very easy to lose track of time and before i know it....oops.
ok. back to it...have a great wed.

g. xo

ps...happy birthday beefie! my man, bomber brother and o/o of black dog video, darren 'beef dip', 'beefie', 'beefstick', gay is 47 years young today. go rent a dvd today and give him a slap on the ass...

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