Wednesday, July 04, 2012

hard day out.

yesterday was a hard one for a few folks in my immediate orbit...i'm hoping today is a little better for all of them.
one of them, my friends having a rough day yesterday, is still feeling the effects of his 'action' yesterday as he, while trying to chase down a ball on the tennis court - in a class, not in a game, as eight other class attendees watched in shock and horror, tripped and had his face meet the asphalt taking off some skin on his face plus, in the end, required five stitches to the inside of his mouth and four to the outside of his upper lip...and...and...sore wrist from trying to stop himself, scrapes on his knees and sore shoulder...i am awaiting approval that will allow me to show you a couple of pics i took last night at the VGH's emergency fix 'em up area. 'he who can not be seen on the blog' may indeed be seen on the blog for what would be the third time ever.
we'll see. but it is a sight to see.
had a very nice dinner last night at corie's and katherine's place as they were back in town for one night and one night only before heading off to ontario and the heat. it was what the doctor ordered too after eating a lot of meat products, that i do love, in the last few days. huge wicked salad, nice piece of salmon, warm potato salad and, to prevent scurvy, a fresh squeezed lime margarita...oh and pie from savary island with DQ soft serve. it can't all be super healthy - damn, it's summer afterall...and shockingly i see sun in the sky was during dinner that i started getting the texts from 'he who can not be seen on the blog'...or named...and knew that i would be heading to VGH at some point after dinner.
cut four lawns yesterday as well, none today as i need to do some studying as i haven't opened a book in a while now and need to get back up to speed before i lose everything i have, kinda, learned thus far.
ok...oh yes, and lunch today with the queen of the universe - that's exciting!

have fun today.

g. xo

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