Tuesday, July 10, 2012

passport stamped: white rock visa

where have i been? well, i know where my camera has been - in white rock/south surrey at my aunt and uncle's new love pad. they moved from dunbar out to the cozy confines of the crescent beach area and it's quite a spread. i thought i'd kill a couple bird and go out there - last friday, and cut the lawn of their new place and afterwards get some accounting lessons - between glen and kathryn i may actually learn something soon. and i'll tell you what, that's a hell of a lawn. the back yard is more like a small soccer field.

while i was there the local lawn dude was next door and he came over and made a bid on the lawn that i was stunned by - how this guy makes any money i have no idea but glen and denny are happy and i say good for you...don't ever let that guy know he doesn't charge enough. good guy, maybe not so good at charging the right rate. but maybe that's what the market will bear out there - as long as he doesn't come and try and steal any of my clients we'll be fine.
what else?

it was a tough week. lawns, bummer action at school, more and more homework...dinner and tutoring with kathryn on sunday night...some nights and early mornings watering the garden at corie and kathryn's, a bbq this weekend coming up at the fawnz's for her man's birthday and back to work this monday - two days in and i'm tuckered out (though that could be due to the late night hockey last night...).
off to play a little tennis now and see exactly how bad i am at it. hopefully no one i know walks by when we're playing - me and garvie - as the sight of me trying to run and get to balls and get them back to the other side of the net could be funny. for them. not me.

i'm off...

g. xo

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