Friday, July 20, 2012

over and out.

i think the time has come.
for years i have written this blog, mainly as a way for me to vent, to comment, to try and inform, to have a few laughs, to post some pictures, to just kinda have fun. (to post the many pictures of the garbs.) i have, though, lost a lot of my drive to update it and, frankly, don't have that much to say anymore - at least anything i think anyone wants to hear. (i have also been thinking of ways to reduce my digital/internet footprint but that's another thing altogether...)
there was a time when i took camera everywhere and documented a great deal of what i did. my life was really on display for all to see - with me in very few of the pictures but i really enjoyed taking pictures of the friends and family i was spending time with and the places i was hanging out at. pictures and stories from long road trips across the country, short hops to santa cruz to get a burrito or flights, recently, to germany to see lambchop and nyc to attend ailsa's brother gavin's wedding. i have always been a storyteller - or just a guy who rants, and this was another way for me to tell the stories of my life. some good, some bad and some somewhere in between.
i have found that i leave my camera at home more often now. 
i was encouraged to start the blog by a therapist, barb bernath, i was seeing years ago and for a long time, eight years i think, it (the blog) was a great thing. now, not so much or at least my interest, and others interest, has wained in it so why bother?
so..i thank you for reading, when you did, and i hope i entertained you from time to time. the garbs pics were often worth the price of admission alone.
i have been thinking of this for a while and had thought i would shut it down at 50 but that just seems to far away now. i had also thought of things i wanted to say, how i would shut it down, etc...but i can't think of anything right now - not that it matters.

there you have it.


g. xo


Unknown said...

You always have something to say, be it interesting or not. Good job, my friend.

Patchard said...

Caro Garn,
There's a time for everything. Thanks for sharing.
Con amor,
Ricardo y Pattie