Monday, July 02, 2012

o canada victoria style

ailsa, fiona and i packed up the car saturday morning and headed over to victoria to attend janine's birthday party - (happy birthday janine!) at her and floyd's place. and it was a full family affair - glen and denny (floyd's brother and his wife) were there, tracey and kathleen made the scene (janine's daughters) and tracey's daughter maya was in full effect. it was a full meal deal - bbq, drinks, laughs...good times.
we got over there around noon saturday and found a great parking spot downtown and roamed around downtown and around the parliament buildings seeing all the people dressed in red and dressed in all manner of costume celebrating canada day. i am not a patriot but liked walking around and seeing what was what. we ran into a woman from singapore, i believe, who wasn't aware until we told her that it was canada's birthday...had to get a picture with her. took a picture of a wicked canada day gut. sat on the lawn of the parliament buildings and enjoyed the sun. ate some good bbq at pig. took a pee at an outdoor open air urinal! highlight! well, i shouldn't say that but i thought it was pretty unique. had some good coffee. nice. then it was off to the house for the party.
today we had a pancake breakfast, had coffee with ailsa's pal tara and her kids, i had a burger at big wheel burgers, ailsa and fiona went for a bike ride, floyd and i hung around the house and i finished the set up of their new apple tv....the movies come to their house...and then after we got off the ferry we had dinner at ton and doro's in tsawwassen....and now, i am ready for bed.
i need to really study this week...i am behind.

have a great week.

g. xo

below a few of the pics from the weekend...

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