Friday, July 20, 2012

eating some old school.

garvie's place of employ - rethink communications - has landed Hy's steakhouse as a client and lord knows you have to go and check out the wares to see what they have to offer. really. to do the best work possible you need to sample the goods. so last night we did.
for those who don't know, Hy's is a super old school steakhouse. the waiters, like ours last night, have been there for years - ours, bonny, 44 years. the chairs are carved wood and plush. the walls adorned with paintings of ...well, i dunno who the paintings are of but they are old oil paintings of men who knew how to dress for dinner. it's not a cave but it is dark. there are no windows and the main attraction behind the glass at the end of the restaurant is the cook flipping steaks on a mesquite burning grill. old school.
we sat at a table that overlooked the joint and could see other patrons enjoying their various cuts of beef. it was cool. ailsa ordered a filet and i a rib steak - a manly 16 oz. cut or prime red meat goodness. there are, of course, three types of baked potatoes to choose from, sides designed to be eaten by two people - asparagus, creamed spinach, mushrooms, etc. and the service is amazing and very personal. or so it feels. my steak cut like butter and garvie looked like she had no issue with hers as she cut into it and gave that look of someone really enjoying a nice bite.
it really is a neat place that found something that worked, and has worked for decades, and they see no need to really change it...and they make a decent margarita. i was a little surprised by this but they do.
so thank you to rethink and to garvie for taking me to Hy's for dinner, something i may not have ever done.
side note...mishi reminded me today that her father had once been the manager at Hy's and that he had met her mother there. small world.

g. xo

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